What We Do

All Pax Christi groups across the globe engage in Prayer, Study, and Action. The specifics of each may vary from place to place, but as the Catholic Peace Movement, all three are fundamental to what we do, and there are some things that are part of our regular offerings.

For example, we provide Weekly Sunday Reflections on the Sunday readings from Advent through Ordinary Time. They are appropriate for church bulletins and/or personal reflection. You may request these reflections by signing up at our Contact page. Leave your name and e-mail address, along with your specific request.

We also offer Reflections, Prayer, and Suggested Actions for each liturgical season. The current Reflection/Prayer/Action offering can be found here

We have a Facebook Page with inspirational sayings, information, and invitations to programs and events both in-person and live that all are welcome to join.

For Advent, but useful all year round, we have a Guide for Buying Gifts for Children. You can see it here.

And there are events which include observances of Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, commemorations of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and NagasakiResponses to Current Conflicts like the on-going wars in Ukraine and Gaza, Public Witnesses against Military DronesCelebrations of Local Peacemakers, and more. To stay abreast of our activities, keep visiting this site and our Facebook page, and also check in with our Partners who are listed on their own page.

As time goes by, we plan to provide even more things we do and things you can do to help make and keep our movement strong.